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It’s Like Melon & Prosciutto
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It’s Like Harry & Sally
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It’s Like Espresso & Martini
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It’s Like Maria & Tony

Sometimes it’s the things you least expect together that just fit perfectly.

Every building tells a story. Ours tells two. In the newly built Tower, an open and airy design that feels decidedly modern. In the landmarked Lofts, a classic layout and custom details pay homage to historic New York. Across both: spacious studio to four bedroom layouts and a luxurious amenity lineup that makes it easy to stay close to home.


A dreamy oasis tucked into an alley with a cozy, cabin-upstate aesthetic—and a great spot for private dinner parties and gatherings. See on Map

Mr Fong's

If you snag a booth at this neighborhood favorite bar, hold onto it all night and stay fueled by Fong’s coladas and pork buns. See on Map

Seward Park

Swing by, play some handball, or set your kids free on the splash pad during the summer months. If you’re lucky Mister Softee might show up. See on Map


An ‘80s pizza shop come to life and arguably the best pizza in the city, made with flour that’s milled in-house for the freshed flavor and incredible chew. Also: really good wine. See on Map

East River Park

Kramer may have taken a swim here, but we’d suggest just soaking in the view of the river and Brooklyn from the waterfront pathway. Not to mention all the tennis and basketball courts, football, soccer, and baseball fields—there’s plenty of room to play. See on Map


An all-day Aussie café with a strong brunch menu and even stronger people-watching scene. Balance your grain bowl with a cocktail for best results. See on Map